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Bee Healthy Dental Hub Clinics are open Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm.

If your child has had an accident and has an injury to their teeth or mouth, please contact a local private practice dentist that is an ACC provider to book a dental exam and register injury with ACC. Some dentist may charge a ACC co-payment, so please ask about this when booking. Bee Healthy is not an ACC provider so is unable to provide care for injury-related dental issues.  

If your child has severe pain, large swelling, persistent bleeding or have difficulty breathing AND it is outside of Bee Healthy Dental Hub hours (Monday to Friday, 8am - 4pm), contact one of the contracted dentists listed here to book an urgent appointment. If no urgent appointment is available, contact to your doctor (GP) and if they are closed, go to your nearest After Hours Medical Centre or Hospital Emergency Department in the case of an emergency.

If you require an dental appointment for your teenager (Year 9 and up) please contact their adolescent dental care provider. For more information visit: Dental Care for Teenagers.

If your child requires a dental appointment at Bee Healthy, you can call 0800 TALK TEETH (0800 825 583), or please fill in the form below. 

Bee Healthy will then call you back from a private number to make an appointment.

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