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Our goal is to improve oral health for adolescents, so they can enter adulthood with a confident, healthy smile.

There are a number of adolescent dental providers* in your community that provide FREE dental care to adolescents from Year 9 until their 18th birthday.

Enrolling with one of these dentists means your child is entitled to a check up every 12 months and basic treatments FREE of charge. (Free dental care does not include orthodontic work or tooth whitening) 

List of Dental Providers (printable version)

 *Dentists contracted with the Ministry of Health to provide free dental care for teenagers.  

Starting College?

If your child is currently in Year 8, this is the last year they will have their dental check at a Bee Healthy Dental Clinic or Mobile Van. At the beginning of Year 9, your child’s dental care will be transferred to an approved dental provider, this may include your current family dentist.


The transfer process is easy:

  • In year 8, your child will bring home a letter with the name of an approved adolescent dental provider they have chosen to continue their dental care from year 9 until they turn 18 years old (this is done with the support of their Bee Healthy dental therapist).
  • You may change to another approved adolescent dental provider or, to your current family dentist, by calling 0800 TALK TEETH (825 583). If your current family dentist is not listed in the directory, your child’s dental care may not be free. Please discuss with your dentist.
  • Once you and your child are happy with the provider you have chosen… it’s all done! You will be contacted by your new dental provider at the start of year 9 to enrol with their practice and book an appointment.


New to the Greater Wellington Region?

Contact one of the dentists on this list directly to enrol your child to receive free dental care from Year 9 until 18th birthday.

No longer at school?

Dental care is still FREE until your child's 18th birthday even if they are no longer at school. If they not already enrolled with an approved adolescent dental provider, contact one of the dentists on this list to enrol with them directly.