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Making a Referral to Bee Healthy Regional Dental Service 

  1. If child has had an accident and has an injury to their teeth or mouth, please advise parent to contact a private practice dentist to book a dental exam and register injury with ACC. Some dentist may charge a ACC co-payment, so they will need to check this when booking. Bee Healthy is not an ACC provider so is unable to provide care for injury-related dental issues. 
  2. If child is in pain, please call 0800 TALK TEETH (0800 825 583) directly to make a relief of pain appointment.  
  3. If you see any of the following or have other concerns, please complete the following referral form below.
  • Chalky, white spots/patches
  • Yellow/brown discolouration
  • Clearly visible cavities
  • Red inflamed gums
  • Abscess

Bee Healthy Referral Form:

  • Child's details

  • Parent or Guardian Contact Details

  • Referral Information

  • 0/500 Words
  • Referrer's Contact Details